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Detachment & Compassion

Fully experiencing simultaneously, yet, as entirely separate structures. This is the place one aims to arrive when it comes to interacting with liquid markets. It may seem a paradox at first: to be fully experiencing an event together with another entity, while being a separate entity myself.
Much of this information relayed here has been detailed across millenia in the Buddhist lineage dealing with the "right" manner in which to interact with existence, with our daily lives and the people and structures within them. It emerges from the perspective that reality has two components, a non-dualistic and a dualistic reality. Non-dualistic reality is absolute space, within which it is said "I am you, you are me, I am the tree, the tree is me". Dualistic reality is relativistic space, within which everything exists relative to another object; in order words, "there is a plate on the table, I like the plate". All of life is in the imagination of the mind, all understanding in the explanation created in the mind. Moreover, we do not come by knowledge through our senses, and indeed it comes from the reasoning faculty of our minds. Objective knowledge in the dualistic world (the one we experience as life), thus, becomes unattainable. We are left with a stream of experiences, the labels knowledge has come to put on them (such as, on a simple level, good and bad, like and dislike, black and white), our short term emotional responses to those labels, as well as our longer term feelings toward the experiences. If one does come to believe in this view of reality, they come to cultivate a penetrative awareness of what is happening and discerning what it means, separate, from the internal dualistic labels. Rejecting nothing, asserting nothing, yet accepting everything. Moving the point of view upon the markets and trading, we can appreciate how useful this state of mind is to the practitioner. Constantly living in a state of clear perception, and conducting internal criticism and self-persuasion of hard-to-vary explanations concerning what "this" reality is, and "that" reality is, without the attachment to it. The attachment, and the labels that permit it, are what keep one from the perpetual evolution in this manner.
Let's take a look at a few examples, both without a position in the market, and then with one.
Living in this space of emptiness, from which one observes life, fully immersed in it, and observes the thoughts and visceral reactions to life, that occur in the mind, without associating as one or the other.